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Congratulations to the Limerick Hotel !!!
On March 22 2012 Hilda and Staff of the Limerick Hotel were honoured at  Saskatchewan Tourism Awards of Excellence Gala with the Service Excellence Business Award.
Photo Tourism Saskatchewan Calvin Fehr Photography 
On Saturday Aug. 6th 2011 the Limerick Hotel celebrated its 100th Birthday and 60 years of being a Family owned and operated business.
Hilda Hildebrandt has owned and operated the hotel for approximately 54 of those 60 years.  She and her husband Nick Markovinovich purchased the hotel then known as the Delaney Hotel, from her grandparents John and Agnes Presler. Many changes were occurring within the liquor industry at this time and after decades of being a male dominated establishment, women were finally being allowed in beverage rooms. Nick was a talented carpenter and began implementing renovations to welcome and accommodate the 20th century.
In 1971 tragedy struck when Nick died accidently. Hilda continued to operate the hotel on her own until 1974 when she married local farmer Joe Hildebrandt.  Together they have been running the hotel since 1974.


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