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To Hilda and the Limerick Hotel
I just want to extend my thanks and gratitude to you, Joe and and the staff of the Limerick Hotel and let you know just how much you and your hospitality and service are noticed and appreciated. You have truly made your establishment stand out as a place where we have always felt welcome and appreciated.  The food has always been exceptionally good, the service above and beyond and the atmosphere very comfortable, very clean, and very freindly.  It is the next best thing to being at home and having your favorite meal cooked up for you. You have even gone as far as to deliver food to us out on the tractor and combine, your probably don't realize how much this means to us, not having to shut down and take time to make a lunch, not only is it the convenience factor, but the down time saved is measured in dollars and cents.  When we were working late, you always have kept your door open for us and always greet us with a smile and hospitality.
You have gone out of your way to make sure my Dad and I have been looked after and feel comfortable.
You have raised the bar for your industry and because of your business, have made your community a better palce to be and live.
Thank you for being there and taking on your job with the committment and passion that you do.
Some Incredibly Satisfied Customers
Art and Doug Brandt
Hilda and Staff
"Greeted with a hug and a welcome back we were pleased to be returning to the Limerick Hotel for our 3rd consecutive year.  Our annual hunting trip brings us to town each year and we have always stayed the hotel.  Great food and nice rooms are a bonus but what keeps us happy is the friendly staff and small town feeling.  Wasn't long till we were on a first name basis with everyone and I never once felt like an outsider.  The staff are more than accommodating and the rooms are cleaned daily.  Can't wait for next years!!"
Mike Dean
Dear Hilda and Joe
We want you to know how sorry we are that we can't share your special day with you.Our niece is getting married today.  We want you to know what a difference you made in our lives.  Hilda you took us in and made us feel like family at a time when we felt so far away from home. You both did everything in your power to make us and our so-workers comfortable and we will never forget your kindness.  Now to the community, you all know who you are...from mowing our lawn, to allowing us to help in the bar, to helping us build the dome, and making us a part of the community, we thank you.  We can honestly say that in all the places we have lived in the last ten years, the people of Limerick have treated us better and with more love than any other placed we've ever lived.  Thank you so much for your love and kindness.  I know without doubt that God has a special place for all of you.  We love you so much! 
Lyn and Butch Maupin
I recommend the Limerick Hotel to anyone in the southern Saskatchewan area.  Joe and Hilda Hildebrandt have made us feel at home on our annual trips to Limerick since 1999.  Joe and Hilda make every effort to treat all of their guests like family.  From Hilda's home-style cooking to Joe's unrelenting humor.  We look forward to our stay at the Limerick Hotel just as much as we look forward to seeing all the friends we've made in town.  I have never stayed at an establishment with such an inviting atmosphere and truly pleasant people as I have found at the Limerick Hotel.  Joe and Hilda, thank you very much.
Jim Carver 


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